Bridge Redux, Panama

Panama – even the small bit of the country that we saw – was an embarrassment of bridges. Today, the Centennial Bridge, built – so they say – to relieve the overburdened Bridge of the Americas.

I’ve seen cable-stayed bridges like this in Georgia and Florida, and I love them wherever I see them.

Cable-stayed bridge over Panama Canal.

Centennial Bridge, Panama


View of cable-stayed bridge from water level.

Centennial Bridge, Panama


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2 Responses to Bridge Redux, Panama

  1. They took that bridge plan from that old TV show where students bridge two work tables with cardboard & string “bridges” and hang bricks from them, or eggs.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – I’m guessing not, actually – but maybe there’s a natural human tendency to cable bridges. They’re very pretty, with or without suspended eggs.

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