Pelicans, Galapagos and Australia

I’m still discovering unintentional collections in my photos. There’s just something about pelicans, isn’t there? (Incoming! Sploosh!)

Pelican in final approach to a water landing; wings and feet spread wide.

Taken from beach in Cairns, Australia

But until I was finalizing these for posting, I’d never noticed the pelican’s left foot in this next photo. Look how it’s folded down over the rock.

Pelican perched on lava outcropping in harbour.

Taken from zodiac in the Galapagos.

Of course I’m used to seeing birds grip things with their feet, but had never thought about that in connection with webbed feet. I guess, if pressed, I’d have said those feet had some flexibility, but not as much as other birds’ feet. And once I saw it in that photo, I saw it here, too.

Pelican perched on a deck rail.

Taken from deck overlooking harbour, in Galapagos.

Well, whaddya know? Clams got legs and birds got hands.



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2 Responses to Pelicans, Galapagos and Australia

  1. The pelicans around the pier in Newport Beach, CA are wonderful, too. Shaggy beasts, they gather on the fish-market roof and wait for the tides or ?

    I wonder if birds dream and, if so, would they dream of — having hands? — like we dream of flying? Apparently every race on earth has the flying dream…
    Sometimes, for me, it is just 6 inches above the ground and I wonder, in my dream, why I never did this before?!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Maybe they dream of opening cans of sardines. I’d always thought of birds’ wings as their replacement for our hands – now I’m looking at their feet with a different eye.

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