Spiderweb, Echo Bay ON

With the sun back-lighting this spiderweb, I couldn’t tell whether I was getting a good shot. I like the two kinds of “built stuff” – the two species of builders involved here – as well as the contrast between the scale and heft of the respective construction.

Spiderweb in corner of gazebo frame.


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4 Responses to Spiderweb, Echo Bay ON

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    One time, stranded in Halifax on a rainy weekend, I attended a lecture about spiders. Did you know that not all spiders build webs? Some jump, and some hunt, and some build other kinds of traps. Fascinating creatures. Even if I still don’t like them.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – HOW FAR CAN THEY JUMP? Oh, sorry, is my arachnophobia showing? A lecture on spiders, eh? Strange, the things we do when desperate.

      • Agree with you, Isabel. English spiders are the worst, if benign. John and I were sitting on either sides of a woven, sisal rug. I heard, then saw, a huge spider making its way across it. I said to John, “What are we gonna do about that spider,” and he said, “What do you mean ‘we’?” (It took a shovel to kill it and clean up the mess.)

        I’m thankful that John didn’t say, “They usually have a mate.”

        • Isabel Gibson says:

          Barbara – Yuck. Maybe this should be a screening test for potential spouses: Do they share our phobias? “Yes” might be good (they will empathize, and not put us into nasty situations); “No” might be better, as they will step up when we can’t.

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