National Treasure #42: Robertson Davies

What a writer – beyond the 18 (!) novels there were essays, plays, short stories, and libretti.

What a face.

What a writer.  My own favourite is A Mixture of Frailties which lacks the darkness of, say, World of Wonders.

What a professor.  Oh, wait, I’ve heard that he was a tad over-bearing and egotistic in this role.

But what a writer.

I’ll always remember him as the guy who taught me that it costs a lot to live in the past – to maintain the elegance of an earlier age.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – After looking them all up, I’d vote for epigram (if, indeed, it expresses a truth at all.) I didn’t capture it even close to an actual quote. I’m pretty sure Davies would have said it better.

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