Pond Reflection, Calgary AB

A few years ago, visiting in Edmonton, I was wandering along Whyte Avenue at an on-street art sale.  I stopped in front of a table of photographs, some of which were displayed as greeting cards.  One had been put back upside down, and I reached over to put it right.  Something stopped me, and I looked again.  It wasn’t upside down.  It was an almost perfect photograph of an almost perfect reflection, cropped to show just the reflection.

The photographer was watching me, saw me get it, and laughed.  “You wouldn’t believe how many people have turned that card upside down,” he said.  I laughed too.  Yeah, I would believe it.

Since then, I’ve been watching for opportunities to get a similar photograph.

This image–captured while visiting in Calgary–lacks the hyper realism of that photo in Edmonton.  Indeed, the slight ripple on the water gives it an impressionistic quality. But I got a kick out of cropping away the real landscape, nonetheless, in a sort of homage to that artist.

And the hunt continues.

Impressionistic reflection of birch trees in pond.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      John – It would certainly add to the sharpness of the reflection, but would also be not very realistic. I’m always a bit surprised (and annoyed) when what I think is a great reflection (as seen) turns out to have bits of stuff on the water surface (as photographed).

  1. Mary Elford

    Isabel, I wonder if you are involved with your Senate quest?

    2 reasons: Barbara Carlson replied to comments in your lovely posts, and also there was no “Isabel for Senator” on Saturday. I hope you have good news.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Mary – No, no change in status. I worked long hours this past week and the Senate posts fell by the wayside (whence I hope to retrieve them this week). And this weekend we’re in Kingston for Thanksgiving, which delayed me picking up on the comments myself. But I like the way you think!

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