National Treasure #104: Marcellus Gilmore Edison

As I smeared peanut butter on the dining room table, I considered the role that a Canadian had had in this activity.

Marcellus Edison, a chemist/pharmacist, was the first to patent peanut paste, which (according to the U.S. patent application) had a consistency like butter, lard, or ointment.  Yum, lard on toast.  Yum yum, ointment on toast.  

Smashed-up peanuts date back to the Aztecs, so Marcellus wasn’t hardly the first to have this idea.

Others (Americans, primarily) went on to popularize and commercialize peanut butter in its various forms (our guy’s marketing savvy perhaps being indicated by that whole lard/ointment thing), but Marcellus nonetheless holds a place in its history.

And in ours.  I mean who doesn’t like peanut butter?  Or peanut butter cookies, at least?  Other than my father, I mean.

But even Dad would be pleased to see that peanut butter can remove heat and water-ring damage to urethane finishes on wood.  Thanks, Marcellus!



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