House Sparrow, Kingston

This bird baffled me for a while, until I used Merlin and found out it was a female house sparrow.  I always forget to account for the gender differences in birds.

It was flitty in the extreme, so I counted myself lucky to get these shots.

House sparrow perched at feeder
Say what?


House sparrow with head buried in feeder full of seed.
Hold your breath and dive in!



  1. Jim Taylor

    Birds are so damn flitty, aren’t they? There was a CBC program, many years ago, called “Something and Charles” (no, the co-host wasn’t called “Something”) which tried to explain science simply. We can mimic bird song by whistling, for example, but it doesn’t sound right. They showed that our whistles had to be speeded up many times — MANY times — to obtain not only the right notes, but the right tone to the notes. It makes we wonder if EVERYTHING in birds’ lives, especially small birds’ lives, takes place at a higher frequency.
    Jim T

  2. Ian Hepher

    There is something about house sparrows in London, milk bottle caps, and critical mass, or perhaps tipping points that is sticking in my mind, and won’t come out…

    We have a winter feeder outside our bedroom window. It’s fun to watch them, sometimes 20 or 30 at a time.

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