Various, Kingston ON

A weekend tour of the Royal Military College in Kingston turned up various images.

Some expected.

View of top of Memorial Arch at Royal Military College in Kingston

Some a little unexpected.

Reflection in corner-mounted circular mirror on RMC campus.

View of Kingston city hall and harbour through lifesaver

Some where I wish I’d gotten closer to get a higher resolution version of an image that I really like, but that’s kinda small after cropping.

Three metal links in flowerpot holder

Next time.


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4 Responses to Various, Kingston ON

  1. The bottom one is the most emotional: “The centre cannot hold” sort of thing…

  2. Laurna Tallman says:

    All of these images are cropped and incomplete, leaving the viewer with a sense of loss, except the last one. Perhaps it is your favourite because the tension it projects is amazing and, in that, it is complete. The composition is perfect, too. You keep looking at it in the hope that it will become animated and resolve to the extraordinary “sproing” and clatter that you anticipate.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – That’s interesting – incomplete because too cropped? Dagnab it, there should be a (short) book on this somewhere …

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