National Treasure #153: Susan Aglukark

Singer; songwriter.

Victim of sexual abuse as a child; mentor in the Inuit community as an adult.

Nunavut’s first Juno Award winner; winner of three Junos in all.

Founder of Arctic Rose Foundation; Northerner of the Year in 1995.

Giver of two command performances for Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II; recipient of Governor General’s Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award.

Recipient of Honorary Degrees in Law from University of Alberta and University of Calgary; winner of first Aboriginal Achievement Award in Arts and Entertainment.

And a performer . . .

Amazing Grace


O Siem



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2 Responses to National Treasure #153: Susan Aglukark

  1. Barry

    In the video “Amazing Grace” she looks like your sister.
    Does Mary sing as well?