Mid-Week Movie #4: Pelicans in the Mist

The fun never stops.  This week:

  • Working with two music tracks
  • Finding and using a sound effect
  • Learning more about timing

And, of course, those magnificent birds!


  1. Laurna Tallman

    Very clever, Isabel. You have succeeded in producing continuity in a fantastic narrative. The comedic lines sometimes distract from their magnificence and the artistry of some of your photos. These birds deserve both memes and you have caught them deftly.

  2. Jim Taylor

    For me, the most iconic image of pelicans (which, I admit, I have never managed to catch on camera) is the “splat” as they hit the water fishing — beak open, wings and legs flailing. It’s not like a gannet, which goes in like a javelin. Or like ducks and geese, who come in with landing gear extended. It’s more like a feathered mistake, from which the pelican emerges with its beak filled with water. And when the water drains off, presto, there’s a fish in there somewhere!
    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – We saw them diving/fishing in the Galapagos (starting from about 20 feet in the air- maybe more) and you’re right, it’s very impressive. (It makes you wonder whether pelicans can be concussed.) Alas, I’ve never caught it in a photo, either. These were on a river so there was no diving from a great height, just a very intent circling and then, sploosh, ass over teakettle, as they ducked down to try to catch a fish.

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