Recruit Obstacle Course, Kingston ON

This was the second time I’ve seen the obstacle course for recruits at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Last time, I wished I’d thought to take video.

This time, I wished there were 10 of me, to get still photos and video of every team at every obstacle event.

This being the real world, I got what I got (mostly video), but I learned that I can clip stills from video.


Recruits paddling dinghy.

Two recruits going over top of net.

Recruit belly-crawling through muddy water in ditch.

Recruits at 45 degree angle to road, pulling rope attached to truck.

Getting the last person over the wall.


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2 Responses to Recruit Obstacle Course, Kingston ON

  1. Danielle Wawryk says:

    Great job Bel!

    The world would be a better place if there were 10 of you but thankful to have at least one.

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