Mid-Week Movie #16: Twelfth


Somehow this seems like one of the trickier ordinals, although eighth is no picnic either. Maybe it’s a shame that this song stops before we get into the easy ones, like threeteenth, fourteenth, and fiveteenth.

Or maybe it’s getting to be time to stop.

On the 12th day of Christmas
Canada gave to me
World-famous icons
Many lovely places
Great singers singing
Brave heroes striving
Real smart inventors
Artist types creating
Writers a-writing
High sugar treats
Big sports stars
Far northern sites
And a nation, bounded by seas.

This final version reflects last-minute editing choices, and is the authorized version of the official video.  Video?  Yes, I’ve been working on a video, using an instrumental version of that loved/detested Christmas classic.


World-Famous Icons

Bronze statue of Queen Elizabeth on horseback
Her Majesty, the Queen
Two pick-up teams line up for the start of a hockey game
Hockey, geezer variety






Mile 0 sign for Trans Canada Highway in Victoria BC
TransCanada Highway – Mile Zero marker in Victoria
Marker for Mile Zero of Trans Canada Trail in Tuktoyaktuk
TransCanada Trail – Mile Zero marker in Tuktoyaktuk
Canada's Parliament Hill lit up for the summer sound and light show.
Sound and Light Show – 2011 Version



Bust of John McCrae with Canadian flag in background.
John McCrae & In Flanders Field


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