On the 11th day of Christmas
Canada gave to me
Many lovely places
Great singers singing
Brave heroes striving
Real smart inventors
Artistic creators
Writers a-writing
High sugar treats
Athletic stars
Far northern sites
And a nation, bounded by seas.

Many Lovely Places

Moraine Lake


Intertwined rivers and ponds on Mackenzie Delta, seen from air
Mackenzie Delta







Gros Morne mountain on horizon; spruce forest in foreground.
Gros Morne Mountain


View of glacier-blue lake with hill covered in spruce trees in background
Lake O’Hara, photo by Marjorie Gibson







Silhouetted tree in foreground; Horseshoe Falls in background.
Horseshoe Falls
Seawall curving to the left, framing sea and forest. and
Stanley Park
Quebec City
Shoreline at archaelogical site
L’Anse aux Meadows
Two people in parkas standing barefoot in Arctic Ocean.
Arctic Ocean
Blue sky above, tall spruce in background, boggy swamp in mid- and foreground
Canadian Shield


Close-up of flowers in concrete planter with harbour in background.