Black-Crowned Night Heron, St. Augustine FL

I first saw these birds in Arizona.  They were one of the first unknown birds I saw that I was able to identify from my bird book (I mean, check out that orange-red eye), so they’ve been a favourite.  I usually see them snuggled into a bush, either asleep or perching stock-still.  You don’t need to worry about a fast shutter speed with a night heron.

So when I saw one in the water, more-or-less actively hunting (which still involved a lot of standing stock-still), I was pretty excited, even though it was a fair distance away.

Black-crowned night heron gunnel-deep in pond, hunting.

Heron hunting in pond, with reflection.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – In one other location (Harris Neck) we saw one sitting out on a log, apparently hunting, but the other 30 or 40 of his feathered brethren were all hunkered down in the bushes.

  1. Jim Taylor

    Do they have those in the Galapagos? On our last day there, I took a picture of something that looked rather like this, and I think I remember the red eye too. My comment at the time was that I thought it looked like a very angry heron, but I never got (or bothered to get) a proper identification.
    JIm T

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