If I Ruled the World – #1

There would be no trees allowed to take root and grow where they clearly ought not to.  Some, of course, will see a monument to life’s resilience and persistence, instead of ruined sight lines.

Soaring arches form the support for a road overhead.

There would be a place to stand for a view of every bridge; a view without intruding branches and signs.

Rusty railway bridge with intruding branches and signsThere would be more street signs like this one.

One-Way sign, almost completely faded out.And more doors like this one.

Old doors with broken window panes in abandoned warehouseYou lose some, you win some.


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  1. Jim Taylor

    Having seen what tree roots can do to ancient structures — think of Angkor Was, say, or the ancient baths in Gondor, Ethiopia — I wonder if there are any instances of trees bringing down bridges. The sheer power of growth, in roots and trunks, is often underestimated.
    Jim T

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