Faucet Face

Is it just me, or is there a slightly cross-eyed platypus lurking in my local grocery store’s restroom? A restroom conveniently placed at a critical point on my walks.

Pareidolia instance in faucet handle.

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4 Responses to Faucet Face

  1. They are stalking you, Isabel. Now they will stalk my imagination, too. Yikes! But this one seems particularly benign. I will place it in my mental gallery next to the Angelic Bat-faced Motorcycle Light.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Yeah, he is a cutie, isn’t he? I have seen a few faces in tree trunks that look like distorted versions of The Scream (which needs no distortion), but so far have not captured one successfully. Too spread out, maybe, or too much else going on with the texture of the bark, maybe.

  2. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – just as a person can never un-see a ‘face” once you’ve seen it, I doubt that you can ever stop looking for “faces”.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      John – I expect that’s true. It’s now at the level of my subconscious. Thank goodness, not (yet?) in my unconscious!

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