Spring Buds

Chasing roadrunner photos is loads of fun, but it’s tough to get a clean shot. These are about typical, just before the bird disappears under adjacent shrubbery.

2-photo collag eof roadrunners with cluttered backgroundWhen frustration threatens to set in, I change my subject. Thank goodness for spring buds: they sometimes offer an uncluttered view of the world that is rest and relaxation for the eye as well as for the brain.

Spring buds evoking a Japanese esthetic


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4 Responses to Spring Buds

  1. We are having a spring-like feeling in the air — sun is higher, days are longer…
    only 2 more months of winter to go!!

  2. I accept your glorious clarion of spring, although I have posted an April ice storm photo on my desktop to keep a toe-hold on our Canadian reality. Dick pointed out yesterday that willow tree branches here have turned pale gold. We face a week of winter cold, then march into slushy, muddy, windy, welcoming spring.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – “Slushy, muddy, windy, welcoming” – yes, that about covers Spring in central Canada, for sure.

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