Roosevelt Dam & Roosevelt Lake Bridge

When we’re in Phoenix for the winter, we try to make a day trip to Roosevelt Dam. I’m not sure why. There’s just something iconic about it. Maybe it’s the sight of all that water in an otherwise sere landscape. Maybe it’s the colour of the rocks. Maybe it’s the adjacent bridge. I mean, a bridge is like chocolate: never wrong.

Maybe it’s the year-over-year variety in the scenery. No, that’s definitely not it. It all pretty much looks (and photographs) the same every year. (The top three collages are photos taken a few weeks ago; the bottom set was taken two years ago, in Mar 2017.)

But there is definitely something about it that makes it worth the trip. Every time; time and again.

2-photo collage of Theodore Roosevelt Bridge 2-photo collage of Roosevelt Dam2-photo collage of Roosevelt Lake Bridge and the lake

4-photo collage of Roosevelt Lake Bridge


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9 Responses to Roosevelt Dam & Roosevelt Lake Bridge

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Super scenes, Isabel.

  2. Mary Gibso says:

    Lovely pics! Great composition.

  3. Some feats of engineering please the eye as well as meet important needs. Your photos reveal a peculiar blending of natural power and human skill. The buttresses built under the rock overhang highlight that point about engineering. The more fragile natural elements, even a towering saguaro cactus and an “arrangement” of flowers and grasses, make that point about the powers of nature. Your photos give the viewer so much to think about!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Yes, the juxtaposition of great hulking dam and fragile (albeit prickly) cactus is striking, even though they both hold water.

  4. Barry says:

    The third dam shot looks like the Treasury is just out of sight

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