From One Extreme

Forty?  Fifty?  Yeah, something like that.  I neglected to count the number of shoe racks in the clearance center, but it was a big number.  Each rack was at least six feet wide, with seven or eight shelves.

And each shelf was full of shoes.  Full. 

12-photo collage of discount shoes

Shoes, shoes, everywhere, nor any pair to wear.

Well, maybe one pair to wear.  But I can’t help contrasting the bulk of the shoes on offer here with the shoes in my front hall. Four pairs of shoes that have somehow sufficed for four months: all activities, in all possible weather.  And I wouldn’t even claim to be a shoe-minimalist.

4-photo collage of shoes being used


  1. Marilyn Smith

    Isabel, I wonder if you are not secretly longing for some sparkly red shoes….?! Go for it! And now I am wondering if “not” is grammatically correct, or not.

  2. Jim Taylor

    I was sure there must be a face in among all those shoes, but the closest I could come to a face was a pair of sunglasses (2nd from left, bottom row).

  3. I’m reading a post-pandemic novel right now. (99% of humans die along with their expertise & sheer manpower to keep the necessities, like energy of all kinds, medicine, etc. available.) The few people left have to contend with brigands & evil prophets on the roads and must scrounge for everything — not longer “looting” — and would have swooned at the sight of all these shoes. Looking up from the book, I am rich beyond measure…just having toilet paper and an orange.

    Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Yeah, they represent wealth of a sort but would seem annoyingly inappropriate in a post-apocalypse world. But I know that I would die quickly in a societal breakdown because I have no useful skills.

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