Oh, Look: a Chicken

My chicken is in your backyard.

It’s not every day that I open my front door to this message, but it isn’t a complete surprise: I mean, I know there’s a chicken in the backyard.  I had not known whence it came.

Five minutes later, my across-the-back-cinder-block-fence neighbour is gone, chicken secured snugly under one arm.  Although our dinner plans have to be revised, the incident wasn’t a complete waste. 

I learned something about herding poultry.

I learned that chickens — this one, at any rate — never stop moving and have a fondness for the shady shelter of a bush.  As photographic subjects, they leave a lot to be desired.

4-photo collage of a chicken on the lamAnd I learned that the chicken owner’s husband left something to be desired as a chickensitter.

There was no food out,
there were 10 eggs sitting there,
and the chicken was gone.
Dude, I told him, I wouldn’t pay you.



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