Peace that Passes Understanding

Couples: twenty-ish and forty-ish. Professional photographers with tripods and flashes on poles. Singletons on their own with phone cameras. Singletons walking dogs. Groups of young women. And one senior amateur photographer.

I expect there are sound psychological reasons — maybe even sound evolutionary reasons — to explain why people of all ages and types gravitate to the seaside, even or especially at sunrise and sunset. I don’t know what they are, nor do I need to. This is a case where I don’t need to understand the phenomenon/experience, except insofar as it might help to replicate it where there is no seaside.

4-photo collage of Surfside Beach at sunrise

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6 Responses to Peace that Passes Understanding

  1. Lorna says:

    Indeed! Thanks.

  2. That third one is a pip! — Your photos are calendar worthy!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Many thanks.

    • Jim Taylor says:

      No, Like the first one (that is, top left, where we usually start reading from). Something about those bandy legs, spiderish, digging into the beach…

      Jim T

      • Isabel Gibson says:

        Jim – Yes, I like it too. And I managed to keep my feet dry (and not knock my head on a bracing beam), while avoiding the incoming tide.

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