USB-Connector Face

It’s getting a bit creepy, isn’t it?  Everywhere I look: Faces!  And even if I don’t look — maybe especially if I don’t look —  they pop out at me.

Here’s the two-faced USB connector from my phone charging cable.


  1. Once seen, they can’t be unseen. And the more outlandish ones (in their “faceness”) will begin to beckon.
    Just like reading, once you learn you can’t unlearn: should be a warning to kids.

    That’s why it takes us back to pre-reading innocence (and uneasiness?) to go to the country where all the signs are unreadable (to us).

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – I saw one that I couldn’t photograph, because the camera showed more detail that spoiled the illusion: a small jug up on a shelf had some design features that were clearly a face to my eye, but not to my lens.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – I figure the one with the icky mouth must be Mr. Hyde. Funny how it’s Dr. Jekyll who seems to get the bad rap when it was Mr. Hyde who was the criminal. A comment on scientific responsibility, maybe.

  2. Jim Taylor

    You see, this is why you should all switch to Mac products. They now use a “Lightning” connector which doesn’t have a face of any kind on it. The only thing it remotely resembles is a teenager with those teeth-straightening railway tracks in their mouth. OMG, now I’m seeing teen teeth everywhere….
    Jim T

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