Humour in Labelling – Part 2

Just read the label on my CoolGear can (with anchors design) from the Dollar Store.

Remember the funny/silly label on the pot roast?  Barbara Carlson sent me the following label facsimile.

Cantrition Facts
Serving Size  16 oz (473 ml)
Nutrition per Serving
That’s up to you!  100%
Hydrated  25 g      100%
Motivated  25 g    100%
Revitalized  25 g   100%
Energized  25 g     100%
BPA free . . . of course
A significant source of reducing, reusing and recycling
Graphic Ingredients
Anchor Addition: An Anchor here, an anchor there…oh dear they’re everywhere! Can you count them all?  Any questions or comments?  1-800-386-3374

Barbara went on to say this . . .
Looked them up on the internet: “The certificate for this Website is invalid….”
But they do have a FB page:

So there you have it.  At least two companies are engaging in label behaviour they hope is engaging.  Check out the labels near you.



  1. The things we hold in our hands for months that fly below the radar.

    Here’s another one: Bought a morning glory vine at Ritchie’s Feed and Seed (such a lovely
    outdated name). The label said, re growth: Height 12″, width 12-15″ — the plant I brought home was almost twice that height.

    John said the labels were probably bought by the thousands & made in China where the different between ” and ‘ meant nothing.

    I guess it’s don’t believe every label you read — they could be messin’ with you —
    or, find your fun where you can. 😀

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