Fit at 70 – Update #5

It’s that time again. Actually, it’s a month past that time again. Time to check in on my fitness project, I mean.

I won’t say that my progress is stellar or even uninterrupted, but I keep coming back, in part because I’ve committed to doing these videos.

So, thanks for watching!


  1. Tom Watson

    You’re amazing, Isabel. Great routine.

    I do some daily exercises, but no pushups. Maybe I have a mental block when it comes to pushups. In high school, they were frequently used as punishment. Kid goofs up in the gym…”Kid, hit the Foot! 10 pushups!”
    20 if it was major goofing around.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Not that you ever had to do 20, eh? 🙂 I don’t think push-ups are all that special, but I sort of fixed on them at the start and use them as my gauge.

  2. Barbara Carlson

    You are getting fit!! kudos, kiddo!
    My back pain — on and off for 40 years — demands I never, ever lie on a roll. My chiro gave me strict warnings around that — I need to do the opposite. Every body is different. A personal trainer is a great idea.

    You arms are lovely.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Many thanks. And yes, everybody’s body *is* different – always good to know what works for us, and what doesn’t. I sure wasn’t going to use that foam roller when it hurt so badly, but now it’s fine.

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