Salad-Spinner Face

The handle of my salad spinner makes a permanent (and kinda surprised) face.

The water at the bottom of it made a transient one the other day. I wanted better light or a simpler background to show its left eye more clearly, but moving it was out of the question.

Face in puddle at bottomof salad spinner

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4 Responses to Salad-Spinner Face

  1. barbara says:

    Once seen, never unseen. 😀

  2. This one is spooky. I have to put on my hologram mind set to see it. “A hologram is a physical recording of an interference pattern which uses diffraction to reproduce a three-dimensional light field, resulting in an image which retains the depth, parallax, and other properties of the original scene.” Whew! good thing you took a picture or I wouldn’t have had time to see it!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – LOL. Yes, this one was a unique picture on the strictest sense of that word. Here this minute, gone the next.

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