Buddy & Me: Doughnuts, Anyone?

This has been quite a week as I’ve launched my book. Thanks to everyone who supported this project in any way:

  • Watching my virtual book-launch video
  • Reading the excerpt
  • Sharing the news with someone
  • Endorsing the book
  • Promoting it within your company or network
  • Buying a book in any format

As promised, here is this week’s YouTube reading and free excerpt. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to Buddy & Me: Doughnuts, Anyone?

  1. It’s good to know your work is finding its own reward. To your blog readers who haven’t taken the plunge — It’s a great read!

    P.S. Directorial tip: never touch your hair on camera.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – 🙂 Many thanks for the endorsement and the tip. The darn stuff just falls forward. I need some glue . . .

      • During my brief career in theatre we used many types of “sky hooks” in this department, short of staples and nails (used in other departments). Hidden hair pins, smoothed-over teasing (back-combing), hairspray, a slight change or addition to the styling are solutions that spring to mind. Maybe that’s why teleprompters were invented: so the actors did not have to bend their heads to read a script. You could post your script “writ large” behind your camera and read without holding your copy. That would also free both hands for dramatic gestures. I wouldn’t want to disturb the “Masterpiece Theater” effect, however.

        • Isabel Gibson says:

          Laurna – LOL. Boy, it would have to be some-big piece of paper, as Newfoundlanders say. Some big. I suspect a podium might work better but, in truth, I am likely to get all the technical details sorted about the time I finish doing them.

  2. Tom Watson says:

    Great stuff, Isabel
    I just downloaded a copy onto my Kindle, and will include a blurb about your project in my next week’s blog.

  3. Congratulations! Perseverance is always needed, and I am glad you are now rewarded. Inspiring!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – Many thanks. I suspect it’s better to have written a book than to be writing one, but a lot of life seems to be like that. 🙂

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