And Now the Marks from the Scottish Judge

For natural beauty,
the only thing that Ontario has over BC
is the changing leaves in the fall.
– CBC Radio announcer
(BC’er now living in Toronto)

As a partisan of Alberta’s prairie landscape, a deep appreciator of BC’s west coast, and a somewhat reluctant resident of Ontario, I feel no need to argue the point. Assessing degrees of natural beauty is as silly as, oh, I don’t know, giving marks to figure skating, and who would do that? I would merely point this out: That “only thing” is a big thing.

Even after almost 20 years here, it doesn’t get old (as seen here and here).

As the provincial interactive map shows, the Ottawa area is at its peak right now, so I’ll be out and about in the next few days stalking photographs. My favourite shots? The scenes with a mix of colours. Not to be, you know, assessing degrees of beauty. Just to be appreciating every transitory moment.

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8 Responses to And Now the Marks from the Scottish Judge

  1. Nice collection Isabel. They colours really came along quickly this past week

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – They did! I fear today’s rain will have stripped the trees of a lot of the leaves. Fleeting (per Laurna) is indeed le mot juste.

  2. Oh, the glory in it all, with appreciative glances at Edna Vincent Millay. Driving pups to new owners has given me the joy of landscapes between here and Ottawa, Belleville, and Peterborough. Even in the rain yesterday, the colours lifted and enchanted. Your photos save the ohs and ahs and breath-catching contrasts with rock, sky, field, and evergreens. And that capture allows the memory to hold what otherwise is fleeting. Everthanks!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – And my thanks. Fleeting is right. It seems that I lose my opportunity at the best views if I defer by even a day.

  3. Jim Taylor says:

    Not to dispute your preference for a mix of colours, but I remember driving along a country road near Huntsville where everything — everything! — had transformed into an infinite range of reds, and feeling as if I had been transported into a different world, perhaps into a colour-negative world (remember good old film?) where everything was its opposite. Almost hallucinogenic.

    Jim T

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