Miss Elenie

Cell phones are awful, except when they’re not. As, for instance, when they’re being a low-overhead camera, allowing me to capture images when I wouldn’t otherwise have a camera with me.

What did I see recently with my phone in hand? Two reflections: one optical, one philosophical.

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7 Responses to Miss Elenie

  1. Tom Watson says:

    I love the philosophical quote.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – 🙂 I guess it’s possible that it was added by the person installing the cement, with reference to their career aspirations.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Reflections are fascinating. You’ve done some before — skyscrapers reflected in car fenders, bridges on water, etc. — but it’s the sheer simplicity of these images in the sunglasses that catches me.
    Obviously, one can’t go through life looking only at reflections, but life would be much less rich if one NEVER looked at reflections.

    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim T – 🙂 Thanks – I like these, also. I recently saw some lovely reflections of palm trees in office windows, but needed my good camera and its zoom to get them. By the time I was close enough to capture them with my phone, the angle was wrong.

  3. barbara carlson says:

    Abe Lincoln, in his merrier moments said, “You’re only as happy as you decide to be.”

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – LOL. He doesn’t seem like the cheeriest guy, does he?

      • barbara carlson says:

        Perhaps it is his voice — which, apparently, sounded like a 13-year-old girl. THAT changes the Gettysburg Address, doesn’t it?

        Still, a great man, merry or not.

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