Loony Tunes and Others

Except for an internet outage at The Lake, this would have been posted on Canada Day. It was all done on Canada Day, and it’s hard to see how you could spend a more Canadian day than putting about on a Canadian Shield lake, observing loons from a respectful distance.

Loons ride low in the water. It’s lucky their heads are so distinctive or you might miss them altogether.

The regular view. Is that guy on the right treading water?

A better view of their backs.

A better view yet.

The best view yet, this year.

The view just before there’s no view at all.

We checked in on the osprey, too. What is that? A juvenile in the nest?

Yes, one!

Or maybe two!

Or three! Two juveniles and an adult.


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8 Responses to Loony Tunes and Others

  1. My idea of a perfect day, July 1 or not. The calls of a loon are echoing in my mind. The whisper of my canoe as I let it drift near, paddle steering but held and turned silently, deep in the water. So that when I hear that distinctive call late at night, I can see its enchanting art deco feathers again in close-up.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – 🙂 I admire the power of osprey, but love loons The patterning of their feathers is breathtaking, and their call can be heartbreaking.

  2. Ken from Kenora says:

    In the top five things we miss about the lake. Their late April arrival and nocturnal calls just made you happy. Happy Day After Day to you and all.

  3. Judith Umbach says:

    Thank you for wonderful photos of the loon and the osprey. Surely if there is ever a five dollar coin, the osprey should get the name.

  4. Tom Watson says:

    Isabel, did you hear any Merry Melodies to go along with the Looney Tunes of the loons?

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – Well, there was the cry of merlins, and the thump-thump-thump of unauthorized fireworks.

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