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Stay tuned. And if you see a squirrel, yell at it. Continue reading

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Anonymous, Eponymous, Eunonymous

Who thought up this plant, anyhow? In fact, who thought up any of them? Continue reading

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Snip Snip

Pruning trees – the activity, the judgement required, the variables – is a metaphor for deciding where to put my own life energies: which branches to keep, and which will never amount to anything.   This one will never come … Continue reading

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You in Your Small Corner…

A reflection on gardeners who gladden my heart with their plantings of yesteryear, now grown to magnificent maturity. Driving over the bridge across the canal, I enter the stretch of this artery that is — to my Western Canadian sensibilities … Continue reading

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Ouch and Double Ouch

I feel the burn instantaneously. The merest touch, no more than a glancing blow, scalds left forearm and leg. I don’t see my life pass before my eyes, exactly, but it’s a close thing. My attacker has been lying in … Continue reading

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Let Loose the Tweezers of War

It’s war. Oh yes, I know all about the mixed records of our ongoing, all-out shooting wars and police actions: the War on Terror, the War on Drugs (notably not a War on Addictions), the Wars on Oceanic and Online … Continue reading

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Specialization is for Insects

Balancing potted shrub on right hip, I walk carefully along the rock wall dividing our property from a lightly wooded and heavily weed-infested area. Returning to the driveway, I repeat my trek six times. All shrubs present and accounted for, … Continue reading

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