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Redux: Tortoises

Another long-term vision and project. Continue reading

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Life’s Purpose & Dead Raccoons

Thinking about my life purpose, with some help from a poet, an author/theologian/educator, a priest, and a butter sculptor. Continue reading

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Snip Snip

Pruning trees – the activity, the judgement required, the variables – is a metaphor for deciding where to put my own life energies: which branches to keep, and which will never amount to anything.   This one will never come … Continue reading

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To Be? That is the Question

An article about elk advocates – no, strike that, “elf advocates” – gives me a whole new way to think about who I am.   Elf advocates have joined forces with environmentalists to urge the Icelandic Road and Coastal Commission … Continue reading

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Time’s Winged Chariot

Life’s too short: a philosophy that fits neatly on a t-shirt and that resonates easily for anyone asked to drink cheap wine. Life’s too long: that takes a little more space and effort to explore. Life’s too short. It must … Continue reading

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Working This Weekend?

Now, you can argue about the wisdom of messing with the environment on any scale. But what hit me was his sense of working on — of belonging to — a noble and enduring endeavour that would last well beyond his lifetime. Continue reading

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You in Your Small Corner…

Driving over the bridge across the canal, I enter the stretch of this artery that is — to my Western Canadian sensibilities — just a few feet too narrow for four lanes of traffic zooming to and from the downtown. … Continue reading

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