Expotition #1: National Harbor, MD

In December 2009, the Big Guy had a Board of Directors meeting at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. We stayed with friends in Kensington, MD, and he drove across town early in the morning to be in time for his all-day meeting. I was invited only for dinner, so in the afternoon I made my own way across town via the Metro (a train/subway/light-rail transit system), borrowed smartphone in hand, feeling quite adventurous.

Oncoming subway car in Metro tunnel

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, aka the Metro

Before dinner I wandered about, taking photos of the resort.

Multi-storey atrium wth Xmas decorations.

Atrium: fuzzy on purpose. Yeah, that’s it.

Atrium walls reflected in silver ball.

Atrium decor requiring regular dusting and polishing.


Good thing I got my photos when I did, because the plan for attending the company Christmas party was, as they say, overtaken by events. A giant snowstorm of an event.

Instead of staying overnight in the swanky resort, we drove back across town on freeways rendered interesting by what was billed as “the storm of the century” — one of three the Washington DC area got hit with that season — to go to ground at our friends’ place.

21 inches of snow-covered driveway

Just a little sprinkle.


Snow-covered BBQs on deck.

Barbeques or alien lifeforms?

But – and here’s the pay-off for you and for me – when I got home and looked at my photos, I had these two. They were, maybe, my first night photography.

Corner view of Ketchup restaurant at night.

Restaurant, not retail store.


Red neon sign for Ketchup restaurant

Neon signs are beautiful, no?


It was Christopher Robin who led an expotition to the North Pole.
Will there be more such adventures recounted in these pages?
We’ll have to wait and see.


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