Yellow Daisies, Yellowstone National Park WY

Our travels this summer took us to Yellowstone National Park – a first for the Big Guy, a first for me since I was about 10. We went to see geysers, but as we drove through the foothills we hit meadows of wildflowers in bloom.

Completely unexpected; completely gorgeous.

As always, I alternated between going for the big picture . . .

Field of yellow daisies amid green grass.

. . . and being satisfied with just one.

Sunlit yellow daisy in close-up.

Between being happy when the wind stopped blowing . . .

Yellow daisies on hillside, backed by black spruce.

. . . and being happy when I managed to capture some sense of motion.

Patch of yellow daisies and grasses, blowing in the wind.

And sometimes, well, I just had the feeling they were trying to tell me something.

Singletone yellow daisy, seeming to gesture with one leaf.

Psst! He went thatta way!







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2 Responses to Yellow Daisies, Yellowstone National Park WY

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Very nice Isabel. One could lose themselves in fields like that.

    So when will you be heading to Namqualand in South Africa for their mile after mile after mile of daisies?

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – I think I’ll settle for enjoying your photos of that locale, Jim. Not that it’s settling.

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