Yellow Daisies, Yellowstone National Park WY

Our travels this summer took us to Yellowstone National Park – a first for the Big Guy, a first for me since I was about 10.  We went to see geysers, but as we drove through the foothills we hit meadows of wildflowers in bloom.

Completely unexpected; completely gorgeous.

As always, I alternated between going for the big picture . . .

Field of yellow daisies amid green grass.

. . .  and being satisfied with just one.

Sunlit yellow daisy in close-up.

Between being happy when the wind stopped blowing . . .

Yellow daisies on hillside, backed by black spruce.

. . . and being happy when I managed to capture some sense of motion.

Patch of yellow daisies and grasses, blowing in the wind.

And sometimes, well, I just had the feeling they were trying to tell me something.

Singletone yellow daisy, seeming to gesture with one leaf.
Psst! He went thatta way!








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