Ear worm.  Brainworm. Stuck song syndrome. Involuntary musical imagery (INMI).  It goes by lots of names.

 . . . a catchy piece of music
that continually repeats through a person’s brain
after it is no longer playing.

In my experience, the YMCA song certainly qualifies as an ear worm, with that introductory trumpet fanfare, the syncopated rhythm, and, of course, the snappy dance moves.

So it was with some disgust that I realized our new free-trade agreement was not to be NAFTA, or even NAFTA 2.0, but, rather, USMCA.  The acronym invokes both that Village People music video and the 7th-inning-stretch handwaving at baseball games.

Well, if you can’t fight ’em, join ’em.  Herewith, the (un)official (un)music video for the new USMCA.  No singing, I promise.


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