A Different Walk

As discussed recently, it’s hard to get different photos if I always go on the same walk. Herewith, photos from a different walk: Butcher Jones Trail, about an hour from our rented accommodation in Gilbert. The result? Different vistas, different textures.

3-photo collage of vistas overlooking Saguaro Lake from Butcher Jones Trail

4-photo collage of textures from Butcher Jones TrailAs for the name of the trail, here’s one answer from AZCentral, citing the Arizona Republic’s Scott Craven who, in turn, was citing Marshall Trimble, Arizona’s official state historian.

Butcher Jones most likely is Dr. W.W. Jones, according to state historian Marshall Trimble. An online search showed Jones to be more than a medical professional. In the mid-19th century, he also owned mines in Arizona as well as a freighting business. He lived in Yuma, Prescott, Wickenburg, Phoenix and Tempe, and later in life became a rancher. He apparently was fairly influential in his day, and he was friends with Jacob Waltz of Lost Dutchman Mine fame. There also was a mention that Dr. Jones performed surgeries on his dining room table, which may have led to his nickname of Butcher (a Parks Department employee said of Butcher Jones ““ “I am pretty sure he was a doctor, but apparently not a very good one.”).


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6 Responses to A Different Walk

  1. The water seems such a curiosity in this landscape. It must almost boil in the summers. I can’t imagine the ecology of these miracles of man in the desert. Perhaps you will enlighten us about what is going on beneath those placid surfaces.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Ah. The water is an artificial lake, created by a giant berm/dam of land – one of several on the Salt River. I know it only as a site for 90-minute cruises (narrated with stories about the local history, and facts about the geology, and flora and fauna) and the occasional hike.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Is it…. Maybe it is… Yes, I’m sure that’s a face on the cactus on the right, second pic from the bottom. A bit twisted, perhaps, perhaps expressing some cynicism about him/her/itself — but a face, for sure.
    Jim T

  3. John Francis says:

    Jim – there are two faces, one quite small and higher up on the left hand side and the other lower down, near the centre and a wee bit more grotesque. Which one did you spot?

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