A Labour of Love?

I dunno. It seems sort of arbitrary to me.

We wear ugly sweaters and kitchy jewellery at Christmas.


We get duded up on New Year’s Eve.


We used to wear an Easter bonnet.

We wear anything green at all at all for St. Paddy’s Day.

We have t-shirts specifically for Canada Day. Maybe even a special hat.


Canada Day celebrator with flag and sieve.

We wear traditional and/or ethnic clothing on Heritage Day.


We might flirt with a turkey motif at Thanksgiving and, of course, the sky’s the limit on Hallowe’en.

Yet some holidays lack any approved dress code. Indeed, some don’t even have a dress-up option. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a sadly bereft holiday . . . Labour Day.

It’s a day nominally intended to celebrate the achievements of workers, but which is more focused on the historical role of labour unions in protecting workers’ rights; for example, in establishing limits on hours of work. Hence the big parades, sponsored by organizational money.

Yet Labour Day still has no immediately recognizable motif or outfit, and it seems a shame because, hey, we’re all workers in one way or another.

Since we all contribute our work and since we all benefit from the work of others, I have a modest proposal for the official Labour Day t-shirt and/or hat. If someone with, you know, any measure of graphics skill wants to labour to make this better, thank *you* in advance.

Proposed Labour Day t-shirt



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7 Responses to A Labour of Love?

  1. Tom Watson says:

    I used a green version of that hat you’re wearing in picture 4 as a guide when I cut my Manitoba son-in-law’s hair last Christmas day. Just so you know that kind of hat has more than one use!

  2. A timely idea, Isabel. I am creating a product for Focused Listening and I had decided this morning that a T-shirt should be available to promote The Auracle — first cousin to spectacles, but for the ear(s). You make me feel smarter!

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