Toiletry Faces

Don’t cringe: This won’t be icky.

After seeing no inadvertent faces for more than a month, I saw two in Winnipeg as I flashed past in a car. In the rain. In the heavy rain. No, we weren’t going back. And if we had,I wouldn’t have gotten out the car.

Then I was inadvertently working too hard on a contract, and my subconscious offered me these.

The facial tissue one is the odder of the two, I think: It passed the face filter because it reminded me of a photo from last year, which had reminded me of an elephant’s face. The toiletry-bag face seems more obvious, albeit sort of duckian. A cheery face, anyway, the morning after a late-night plane trip.

Facialtissue face evoking HallsgrimkirkjaGaping mouth of toiletry bag's face

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4 Responses to Toiletry Faces

  1. Oh, WOW!!!

    I caught the elephant in the tissue box, first. The building photo is so impressive as a building and as a photo that it overwhelmed other associations. Until I looked back at it following the tissue epiphany and the elephant trumpeted at me. Thunderously.

    The toiletry case with her cheerful, useful smile opens another category of possibilities. I, too, see faces everywhere unless I am careful not to. 🙂

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – I circumnavigated that church, looking for a place to stand that would exclude other tourists from the frame, and found an elephant instead.

  2. Barbara Carlson says:

    Have you looked at car grills as faces?

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