Salt Spring Vistas – Part 4

St. Mary’s Lake was a cooperative photographic subject, staying in one spot and offering just enough breeze to keep the reflections interesting.

2-photo collage of reflections in St. Mary's LakeThe many species of dragonflies near the lake were less cooperative.  They had a regrettable tendency to flit tirelessly about until alighting too far away and up-sun at that.  Now that I can actually see this guy without squinting, it’s clear that his wings are ready for a trade-in. 

Dragonfly with ragged winf
Extreme zoom; extreme crop.

What with brambles and underfoot sogginess, their preferred habitat was not mine.  But the closer I could get with my feet without spooking them, the better chance I had of an uncluttered and in-focus shot that would crop successfully.

3-photo dragonfly collage illustrating zoom and composition
Feet beat zoom, any day.

I’m still trying to strip out the busy-ness from my photos, either by standing in a different spot or by using a different depth of field, at least when I remember and when I can react fast enough.  Of course the truth is that I take what I can get.  And for all their challenges, dragonflies are easier than hummingbirds.

Dragonfly in cluttered sceneDragonflyDragonfly silhouette


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