Low-tide time selected to ensure low water in estuary, thereby increasing the numbers of wading/feeding birds? Check.

Weather website visited to verify forecast for a blue-sky day to ensure great light for photographs? Check.

Alarm set for 30 minutes before sunrise? Check. 

Able to get upright when the alarm went off? Check.

For our last day in Myrtle Beach this season (representing my last chance to get to Huntington Beach State Park to take more entirely necessary photos of soaring, diving, and striding birds), I’ve thought of everything. It’s a great plan.

But there are limits to the power of planning.

View of foggy conditions from 3rd-floor balcony
The view from the 3rd floor balcony at 7AM.

Going back to bed? Check.



  1. It’s that Weather Website that needs a boot. I sometimes wonder where they get their prophetic wisdom. We have a theory that on weekends the Weather Network consults groundhogs, a habit developed during the cabin fevers of January.

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