A Trio of Faces

From Colorado Springs through Calgary to the last flight leg, I was greeted by accidental faces: the wizened/quizzical; the cheery; the home-alone.


After 18 months of close encounter my own home rarely surprises me, so it’s nice to be oot and aboot with at least the chance for new encounters.

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6 Responses to A Trio of Faces

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Somebody sent me a picture of a pair of slipper that appeared to be laughing. I tried to put it in here but, sigh, I couldn’t.

  2. I would call your trio a quartet, Isabel. If the picture of the hat on the left is turned counter-clockwise 90 degrees it has a rather different expression made from most of the same elements.

    The coffee-cup lid I intend to forget because that is a “face” to which I get up close and personal quite often!

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