Not in Kansas Anymore

Getting out of town, even for a week, brings many new views and a few new perspectives.

Two views from one pier.

Rain isn’t all bad.

These are my choices?


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8 Responses to Not in Kansas Anymore

  1. Tom Watson says:

    What beautiful pictures!
    Thanks, Isabel.

  2. I bathe in the glory of your landscapes and breathe more deeply by your waterscapes. I grow feathers to nest and fly with your birds. But I am captivated, when your subjects claim a voice in their own art: a plucked-petal blossom that compares itself bravely with a perfectly symmetrical bloom, a mischievous mug that levitates into a bowl to demonstrate their comparative volumes, and an anthropomorphic cup that reposes with shades to mimic the imbiber’s satisfaction. Aaaaah! nicely done.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna -I am, as always, glad that you enjoy my photos, but I think you should take up photography. You have a much better sense of it than I do!

      • I am an artist who has not drawn or painted for a long time. I remain an artist, of sorts, in words. But the instincts you have for what your eyes see and how the camera will preserve your perception of it is an art form at which you excel. My husband has the same skill. I, however, take terrible photographs!

        • Isabel Gibson says:

          Laurna – My thanks. You are, as always, too kind. I think that I’d like to learn how to draw, but I haven’t yet put in the time.

  3. All wonderful photos, but the lake vista including the railing flowerbox is especially nice as so many people would have left out the flowerbox and had a much less image.
    (Many, would have likely included me)

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