Birds, Huntington Beach State Park

We’ve shared some time at Huntington Beach State Park before (and before, and before).  And before that, too.

But not yet this year!  On our way home from Phoenix we stopped in Myrtle Beach for two weeks.  One fine, sunny day I headed out to Huntington to see what old friends or new friends might be in camera range.  

2-photo collage of tricolor heron
Tricolor heron
2-photo collage of cattle egrets
Cattle egrets
2-photo collage of great egrets
Great egrets

One thing is clear from this: I am still a sucker for flared wings.  But I learned something else that morning.  Teeth may be a nuisance from time to time, requiring a lot of maintenance, but I’m glad I don’t have to learn to gradually move my food deeper into my mouth and then toss it in the air and catch it at just the right angle to slide down my long, skinny throat.

3-photo collage of great egret manuevering a fish into position for swallowing
Great egret and small fish



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Many thanks. Every season, I find my expectations (well, hopes at any rate) for clarity and detail (versus blown-out areas) go up. Which keeps me going out.

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