I’ve Been Everywhere. Man!

A year ago, our drive to Phoenix generated a mental playlist based on the road itself and the towns and cities we passed by or through. This year, to avoid dangerous road conditions, we took a different route from Columbus OH on.   A different route; a different experience.

This year we drove by some notable international destinations. Palestine. England. Mexico. Glasgow. Stuttgart. Odessa. And Paris. Twice.

We drove by some notable North American destinations, in name only. Yukon. Raleigh. Pittsburg (sic). Mt. Vernon. Albany.

We drove by some I’m-pretty-sure-they’re-one-of-a-kind names. Sterrettania. Arkadelphia. Bucksnort.

We drove across rivers named for states. Mississippi. Tennessee. Arkansas. Colorado. Duck. OK, maybe that last one belongs in a different list.

We drove by colourful towns. Brownville. Greenville. Whiteville.

We drove by some philosophical contradictions. Fate. Hope.

And we drove by some towns that reminded me of songs.



Jackson. Even though it was the other Jackson.

Little Rock. Twice. Two songs, I mean. We didn’t drive by it twice.

And Memphis. Twice. As above.

After all that, I sense a connection with Hank Snow: I, too, feel like I’ve been everywhere, man.

Collage of 4000 km road trip



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Eric – LOL! And drat the interweb. Turns out (against all my expectation) that there are Bucksnorts (or Buck Snorts) in Tennessee, Alabama, Minnesota and Arkansas. At least. I believe the one we passed was in Tennessee.

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