Movie #24: The 12 Days of Christmas – 2019

My six-year-old laptop strains to do videos. No dedicated graphics card. Not enough memory (I know how it feels). Not enough power (Likewise). But if I use mostly photos, as opposed to videos, I can still squeak one through. And it turns out I have (cough cough) a few photos.

Last year I wrote about seeing Christmas Day as the start of something new for us, just as it’s the start of the 12 Days. This video has no secret message, no hidden agenda. It’s just a fun take on a song that’s sort of run its course with me. At least, it was fun to make, largely because it’s another way of sharing my delight in so many things, and I hope you enjoy it too.

May the delight of Christmas be with you and yours, all year round.



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      1. John Whitman

        As I was typing my reply it also occurred to me that finding a pear tree might be the hardest part of the exercise. Having thought about it a bit I realize that I have seen partridges in various types of trees such as apple, wild apple, wild cherry, choke cherry, beech and alder to name a few; but I have never seen a partridge in a pear tree. That may be because there was only one pear tree on the entire farm when I was growing up, and that pear tree didn’t survey Hurricane Hazel in 1954 or maybe it was Hurricane Edna in 1956.
        Nonetheless, I think a modern day picture of a partridge in a pear tree would be a great picture.

  2. barbara

    The pictures went by so FAST…but I really think you are getting the hang of taking pics!! For sure.
    You could really make a calendar of some of these categories. First rate stuff. Birds, bridges, and GE-OM-I-Tree (finally got it!) esp.

    Safe travels and keep it all coming!

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Again, many thanks. When I make videos to showcase photos or tell a story, I allow a minimum of 3 seconds. This song has the line changes coming at just over 1 second, so it *is* a bit of a blur.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Thanks for the (implicit) advice. On the “Don’t See” list along with “Roma.” 🙂 I can reciprocate by adding “Bushwick” (an independent [and pretty much incoherent] movie on Netflix) to that list. Don’t click on it!

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