More Than Birds

And the sign said,

Crocodile Crossing

Yes, despite what you may have seen here, Florida is more than birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, birds, and more birds.

It’s also reptiles in unexpected and disturbingly close places.

Alligator in swamp.It’s amazing bridges in its coastal cities, some of which are built on the deltas of impressive rivers, and 42 of which are built to connect the Florida Keys by road.

View from underneath the bridge.It’s lizards lurking in startling places, like under bridges where someone might go to take a picture.

Full-length view of iguana on concrete pier supporting a bridge.It’s stunning contrasts: amazingly tacky coastal development and breathtakingly lovely coasts, along the same stretch of highway; and wonderful wildlife centers in the middle of built-up urban centers.

Anhinga post-mating


It’s special racks to stack boats.

Rack to stack boats

It’s learning what these bumper stickers mean . . .

Bumper stickers for full and half marathons

It’s the oldest city in the USofA, with an alligator farm that has been running continuously since 20 May 1893, or almost 125 years.

Close-up of alligator head and teethIt’s a sense of history even in unprepossessing places.

Old clapboard house as oldest restaurant in Florida Keys.It’s the southernmost point in the USofA.

Buoy statue marking 90 miles to Cuba, in Key West..It’s poetry carved into the sidewalk.

Poem craved in sidewalk near the 90-mile buoy.It’s the smallest church in the USofA. Oh wait, that was Georgia. But it could have been Florida.

Sign announcing the smallest church in America.

Small roadside chapel in the woods.It’s the start/end/Mile 0 of US 1, which may be the most-stolen road sign in America, no matter how many bolts they use.

Sign marking start/end of US 1.It’s the first/last bar on that selfsame US 1.

Sign for first/last bar on US 1.It’s punny signs.

"Yours and Mayan" store sign in Key West.It’s feral chickens in the streets of Key West: Chickens, we were told, that were set free when cockfighting was outlawed, and which are now protected under “wild bird” legislation. Unintended consequences, anyone?

A feral chicekn in the street.It’s cattle egrets everywhere. Everywhere. They’re the Florida equivalent of seagulls, or maybe starlings.

Cattle egret in field.It’s the largest masonry structure in the Western Hemisphere.

Hallway of gun deck of Fort Jefferson.It’s eating key lime pie in its home: Key West FL.

Storfront for Key Lime Pie Shoppe.It’s eating royal red shrimp in Titusville.

Sign for seafood restaurant in TitusvilleIt’s never getting around to trying a lobster reuben, or to eating at Twisted Shrimp or at Ciao Hound.

Maybe next time.


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  1. Freezing rain predicted this afternoon….enjoy your trip, you lucky people!

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    But it’s flat.
    Jim T

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